just another poem

amidst tiny tiles and yellow lamps she sat with me
weekends weighed her down and
her sadness the sickness infected me
smiles forced through swollen lymph nodes
in betwixt chamomile sips
our hearts brushed lightly against the other’s and
while waiting quietly we quenched
our thirst for the company of another
who digs like we dig, digs and understands amidst
tiny tables and yellowed eyes.


my eyes have seen the tan sand
between marshgrass green blades

and hallelujah singin’ white men
where black bodies lay

overhead flew stars and bars
red and blue they waved

in dixie land where I was born in
bodies molderin’ in the grave

they died for a land that broke their heart
I have seen Him look away

from blue black skins and broken flesh
and no more days to sing God’s praise

their souls go on a’marchin’
one frosty morning on the wave

the inspirations for this poem can be found here:

glory | dixie | john brown’s body | battle hymn of the republic | amazing grace | 54th Mass. Infantry

some shit that I wrote

the purgatory of 3 AM
rolled over these few
wearied bodies those few
who drank coffee and emptiness
with me near the crossroads
of columbia the sound system
sifting through the sadder chord
changes and random reflections
by various artists

we all came in unfilled we all
came with nothing…I even had
to borrow this pen this
I wish I could say I left we left
full but shit if I can speak for everyone

but for now, my melancholy satiated, and
others rambling on and others still
broken and more fitting the shards in place
in this purgatory of 3 AM.


she glows starshine
from each eye and
smiles happiness
she speaks
jazz and sullen blues
and walks out
storylines with
honest thighs and free
feet her every step a
plot twist – and every kiss
a whisper of this summer evening.