Fan Club of One

afroasia, my egotistical lil friend, advised me to write ’bout her, because I was feening to write about something. As I have tired of scribbling nonsense about being broke (always a popular topic of discussion) or my own abject boredom (again, far too commonplace a subject), I decided to take her up on her lil’ suggestion…what can I say about her, though, without resorting to adolation and lionization?

“Fan Mail” the subject line says, and surprised I look at the sender…Sadia? this is gonna be interesting…I never know what to expect from her…and if my heart weren’t tied up in knots about someone else…well…lets just leave it at if. This one can write, though, and more then knowing how to say things, she knows always what to say and when to say it, and conversely, what not to say and when to not…you know. And push though I might, I can’t get her to do anything she is not comfortable with (ease up, perverts, I was trying to get her to write something for me, and she wouldn’t do it before she was ready…sickos…I feel your pain, though). So begrudgingly, she has earned, simultaneously, my ire and my respect…so I open up this lil landmine of an email, expecting all manner of tomfoolery – and prepared, as I was, for a crap-alanche of foolishness…lemme tell ya, AA is supposed to be able to dance, though, but you can’t prove it by me…I think she moves like a funky chicken, and though the funk is strong in her, my weeble, a chicken still shakes it like a chicken…but I have heard tales, my friend, I have heard tales…she is funny to me (my friend from years ago, Tasha, ALWAYS used to say that) because she and I spend many hours everyday telling each other how great we both think the other is. Unfortunately, I am usually lying when I do my part, but that AA, she always “tell da truth” (Alkaholiks, NAME THAT SONG?!?). J/K. oh, her email said…well, thats really between us, don’t you think? *smile*

stay delicious. *wink*

ps – when i get a pic, YOU get a pic. don’t be rude.

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