April 21 – May 21

Taurus is a fixed sign, which means you prefer peace and harmony in relationships above all, rather opposite to the topsy-turvy Ram that you follow in the zodiac.

Reliability is your trademark. You crave above all security, both emotionally and financially. Your common sense gives you the edge among others of your peers as you seek careers such as banking, insurance and anything that involves persistence, stability, and relentless drive. You can take abstract ideas and make them concrete and practical. You are good at behind-the-scenes work; there is no more tirelessly, devoted worker than you in the zodiac. You have natural charm, are a good listener, and frequently provide a good shoulder to cry on for your friends. Ruled by Venus, you also enjoy the luxurious side of life–sensual pleasures such as a hot bath, champagne and leather furniture, a designer sports car, and expensive clothes. All of these appeal to your need for comfort, and your inherent possessive nature.

Your Venusian influence makes you enjoy nice things, such as good art and music. You may also have a flair for working with your hands, such as gardening, woodworking, playing a musical instrument, or technical tinkering. Venus also makes you a natural lover, and you are compatible with other earth signs such as Virgo and Capricorn, and with water signs. In romance, a lot goes on under the surface. You are subtle and quiet about what you feel. You think a lot before making that commitment, and once you do you rarely fall.

A Taurean man is loyal and hard-working. He does not move by instinct or intuition, but rather thinks very deliberately about his actions. He is purposeful, rather than cautious. Once he trusts, he can overcome his jealousy and suspicion. His agricultural sign and affiliation with spring also can mean a deeper connection with nature and the natural world, such as camping and outdoor sports. Though he is often not the Valentino bringing his beloved flowers, he shows his feelings with practical concerns–fixing the car, balancing the checkbook, making sure the house is in working order. Show him a bearskin rug and a fireplace, however, and you’ve hooked his Venusian nature forever.

Tradition is also important to you. You typically have a family, enjoy children, and cultivate your possessions over time. You are slow, steady and plodding–the most stubborn of the zodiac signs. Your reflexes are slow and cannot be pushed. You can suffer much, and for a long time, but when you’ve made your mind up–when someone’s pushed you beyond your limit–watch out. The bull’s horns have been known to gore. Your kind and gentle nature takes a long time to change. [emphasis added]

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