As Always

I don’t have much to say…

pretty soon the repo man is gonna come get my car, so if you have a spare $1533 (and 0 cents), please feel free to send it my way. 100% of your donations will go to the charity of my choice, namely, Ford Motor Credit, and Greg Carter, the schmuck who keeps calling me. Say hello, Greg! “Hello, Greg.”

um, someone I am passionately head over heels about left this past weekend. Maybe for good. Is she reading this? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe she just needs to find her place in life, her way. I don’t begrudge her that, I just miss her. She probably doesn’t even believe me when I say how special she is, not just to me, but in general. I want to shout her name to the world, but alas, I am wayyyy tooo careful for that. Too many eyes, too many people up in my business. I go to a particularly small law school. But still, just to get it off my chest, I had to write something about her here…just to get the weight of her absence off my shoulders. I am afraid its not quite doing the job, though. Will I regret this? Perhaps, but I don’t regret opening up myself to getting hurt. You can’t win if you don’t risk.

So now, I sit here, writing this babble. Watching George Carlin, absolutely one of my top 25 Favorite Living People Not Related To Me Who I Have Not Been Intimate With.

Wanna see that list? If I am not doing my work in the next hour or so, I may just consider showing you…*wink*

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