at the absurd risk of having yet another person read this…

word of warning. if you know me, and we are friends or buddies or whatever, do me, yourself, and innocent schoolchildren a favor. STOP READING THIS PAGE.

there is a good chance I will come on here and vent and say something really pissy about you, or some such situation. I promise not to say your name, or make it too obvious I am talking about your stupid ass. but if you do something that irritates me, and its not serious enough or it doesn’t reach a level where it becomes necessary for me to talk to you personally about it, BET on me blabbing it all over the damn internet. just my way of blowing off steam. don’t take it personally.

I could go running off and telling all the people we know in common about something you did that I think it funny or annoying…but instead, I write in what is basically an online journal, for my own edification. like I said, if you are particularly sensitive, or whathaveyou, don’t read this. if it doesn’t give you an unfair view of how my mind works, and therefore doesn’t allow you to have normal and unbiased interactions with me, then do us all a favor, and get your ass off my weblog. go back to the pictures, or the artwork & poetry, or some other part of the site. or even better, go someplace you would feel a little more safe and un-insulted, like here. See that mouse over there? Grip it and rip it, bee-yotches (no, I am not talking about YOU)!

and thats all I have to say about that.

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