Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve. I have purchased nary a present, and I am wallowing in my own self-pity…ARGH…you know its bad when you are awake at 6:12 AM on Christmas Eve, planning on going to work within a few hours, and you are watching Woody Allen movies. And surfing Blackplanet. And blogging. I would probably be making more designs for my online store, but I did that last night/early morning. God, where did my drive go? I used to be so damn driven, like a guided damn missle. Now, its hard for me just to get going in the mornings…in high school, I used to get up at 5:30 every morning. now I have to fight to get up at 5:30. PM. Sad, really. Eh, fuck it. I need to call my sister, and Ford Motor Credit today, so I can send them a check. And I need to find a new apartment. ARGH, again. Maybe I should start packing so I can move out on the 5th? That would be too much like right. And we can’t do that…

Why is the break from law school almost as arduous as law school itself?

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