down by law

lately i have been thinking about this whole “law blog” thing, and if my site is really one of those, or not, or whatever. I mean, occasionally I write about the law, about something one of my professors said, or whatever, but for the most part, my writing is pretty absent of any overt law references. why is that? I spend most of my time at the law school, with law students, and we talk about all kinds of law things while we are there, preparing ourselves to lead long law lives and annoy the hell out of our non-law loved ones, in little law worlds of our own. actually, we will pretty much annoy the hell out of everyone, non-law unloved ones and law people as well. we will probably annoy the hell out of ourselves. I am only saying all this to say, the reason I don’t write very often about the law is that I don’t define myself within the construct that other law students do…I came back to school with other marketable skills that have absolutely no bearing on my life as a dreaded “law student,” so I don’t see myself as such first and foremost. here, i explore and develop my other interests and abilities. there, I argue with people over the meaning of basic words deep inside of obscure case law.

and so I have been able to maintain my happy little dichotomy. the artist and the asshole.

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  1. i must have missed the asshole. he comin’ back soon? what’s his t-shirt say? “Black Ass”? does he argue with people over the meaning of basic words deep inside of obscure assholes? should he be discussing the dichotomy inherent in having an asshole’s blog if he really isn’t wholly an asshole?

    you sure you ain’t got the wrong guy?

    too many questions, i know. my bad.

  2. um…let me first nimbly step over all the homoerotic overtones in your comment…all that “inside…assholes” etc, I am just slightly cool on. my homophobia aside, trust me, I am not the friendly, easygoing sort you think resides on this here blogosphere.

    they say one of the key aspects in a person’s growth is knowledge of self.

    trust me, I am the quintissential asshole. an exemplar of that archetype. I am a grade a, high octane, pro model asshole.

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