Go ahead. Play like you don’t care. Don’t return my calls until weeks later? Fine. Act like an ass because that bothers me? Sure. Just generally be aloof and pretend like you don’t give a damn? Cool. But don’t bitch and moan because you think you belong where you don’t. You were special in my life, I told you that, and though I continue to repeat to you how important you were and are to my personal growth, you insist on acting like a petulant child now that you have someone new to lean on. When I was in pain, I reached out to you, that should have showed you how much I trusted you and respected what you thought and your opinion. Most people, most women, value truth and honesty so highly precisely because its such a rare gem from men. Only you would rather I lie to you to protect your fragile ego than to be upfront with you about my feelings. You would rather be in the dark, but of course, I refuse to accomodate you. My fault. So you wanted to see yourself in these confines? Congrats. I hope it was worth it.

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