so how to begin? (and second question, why am i continuously taking a confessional tone in these posts? like you all are my super-secret confidants. which you are. pinky swear.) lets run down the activities of the past 3 weeks or so, in no particular order of importance:

1. no car. ugh. what a kick in the groin. and i live only about 30,000 miles away from civilization, in beautiful downtown beltsville. still nobody’s fault but my own, and what not…blah blah blah. truth is, there was nothing that could have been done to prevent it at this point. this summer, when i was broke and homeless, and without any serious job, well, that would have been the time to save my little 2001 ford escort zx2. (moment of silence please. thank you, doug e fresh.) c’est la vie, as the frogs say. now i have to find a car for under 1000, that’s relatively reliable. any suggestions?

2. fell in love. this should be apparent from, oh, just about everything thats been on my page for the last few weeks, save my birthday wishes for my friend asha, and well, thats all. she is “the best of the best” as was once well put. the girl inspires me, although I still can’t seem to learn from her to stop and write out my posts first in order to perfect the writing. I need more immediacy. and less idoicy [sic].ps. she is sitting right next to me, as i write, wearing the most exquisite little pink velour pants, a lovely denim jacket, sleeves rolled up ever so carefully, and white shirt. looking all kinds of scrumpdeli-icious. *staring* hood. *wink*

3. saw common, talib kweli, gang starr, and floetry in concert. well, to be completely honest, I didn’t actually see floetry, but they were on the bill, we just got there late, and I am going to maintain that I saw them, even if I did not see so much as a single golden afro. plus, erykah badu was there, being a ball hog par excellence, as usual. she really is the kobe bryant of the music world. its soooo all about her, in her mind. but you can’t deny the talent. she stuns.

4. decided to take a hiatus from law school. don’t try to talk me out of it, my decision is made. my heart just isn’t in it, and i truly believe (though, if you are a regular to this page and its siblings, you know otherwise) that I have other talents which make my choice a little easier to make, supported by the knowledge that I already have something else to fall back on, as it were. send money, not sympathy. thanks. or jobs, i like those too. or cars. just one. now.

5. jim (my grandmother’s cousin, which makes him to me, well, i am not sure, exactly), went into surgery on tuesday, and the docs decided that another surgery (its for esophegeal cancer, by the by) was too risky, due to jim’s problems with blood circulation, so they are opting, i believe, for chemo. shit is mad scary to me. just a lot to keep on my mind.

6. my moms turned 53.

so that about covers it. i am sure to have left out this important detail or that vital fact, but frankly, i don’t really care. i have included the basics. the keynotes. pray for me, or send money. ’cause i am going to hell, but i am going in style….

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