One Third

How come about 30% of my entries are apologies for not writing more often? I mean, I am busy, just plain busy. Sorry for having a life (thats just a joke, I don’t really have a life at all). Oh, bah. Fine. I am sorry you feel like I don’t write enough. I am sorry that you feel the way you do. However, I am going to continue living my life as I see fit, and as a result, blogging as I see fit as well. So there.

That said, I wanna cut some people off that director’s list. Elia Kazan, I think, now that I have thought about it, that selling people out thing is kind of bad, so he is dropped. Robert Rodriguez, who is basically a Mexican John Woo. I have only one Orson Welles movie to go on, and though its the greatest ever, hey, its too small a statistical sample. So those three, plus Stanley Kramer, David Lynch, and Kevin Smith all become honorable mentions, and I will throw Otto Preminger in there for Anatomy of a Murder and The Man With The Golden Arm, not to mention Carmen Jones, but the new top 10 is:

1. Kubrick
2. Lumet
3. Scorsese
4. Coppola
5. Lee
6. The Coens
7. Jewison
8. Hitchcock
9. Kurosawa
10. Burton

with honorable mentions to Rodriguez, Woo, Welles, Kramer, Preminger, Lynch, Kazan, and Smith. And Sadia says to check out Takeshi Kitano. She says Brother was solid and she is usually right about such things. Trust. I saw him as an actor in another movie, Taboo, but I never saw any of the films he directed. Check him anyway. OK?

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  1. hi Anthony, I’m italian and I believe we could have some relatives in common, it could be. Most of my dad’s relatives live in the USA. Anyway, I don’t wanna waste your time. That short text wanna mean just nice to know that the world is full of Santagatis’.
    if you know more about that just write to me.
    Greetings Carmen

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