Break Down

I have recently been informed that I don’t write in here nearly enough, that somehow I am shortchanging my fans out there. To this I can reply only like so: Fans? I have fans? Its news to me. My fault. I apologize wholeheartedly. Here is the deal, though, I don’t really have tons of time nor consistent internet access, so I falter sometimes in my neverending battle to keep the universe informed of all my mundane behaviors and events. It seems the more boring and monotonous my life becomes, the more it becomes difficult to update this bad boy. Again, a thousand apologies. Here goes a sprinkle of the events in my life for the past week:

Tuesday 8/13: Started the first day of work at Washington Law Books today. *Dana Carvey as George Bush, pere* “Good, good…” Returned to my car to find my tire was flat as Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. *Carvey=Bush* “Bad, bad…” double barrels of fun, lemme tell ya.

Wednesday 8/14: 1L orientation…I helped out, it was cool…oh, let me mention, again, the source of my current troubles…see, I owe EVERYONE money. Lots and lots of it, at that…of course, its really not that much compared to people who owe like loan sharks and the gubment and all, but still, I am probably a few G’s in debt. Not including student loans and car note. NOT good. So at the end of this wonderful day of orientation (a great many of my friends from undergrad have wound their way into law school, it made me proud to see them…now if they would just STOP asking me for books…lol), one of the people who I owe some flow to showed up looking for his money…now as much as I feel bad about owing him the money, trust me, if I had anything, I would give it to him…HOWEVER, see the previous post for my official statement to everyone I owe. When I get paid from the now 3 jobs I currently possess (and soon to be 4, hopefully, not including freelance graphics work) TRUST ME, I will pay what I can. But this guy, poor fella, tried to threaten me…he told me he was hungry, because he relied on the money I was supposed to give him. I felt horrible, and I offered him all I had, which was a sandwich.

OF COURSE, he didn’t want the sandwich, so I am not sure how hungry he really was. Anyway, he actually tried to threaten me…and figured, for some strange reason, that I would ride around with him and try to find some money for him. That of course was not going to happen…so he left. I am not sure what to do. I mean, I can’t have him threatening me…I think someone must be whispering dumb things in his ear and he, being easily led, believed that I was or am trying to take advantage of him. Ridiculous. So here I am, trying my damndest to reign in my Silician bloodlust as this guy is fuming in my face…my ancestors would have bitten his nose off of his face and spit it at him…I, of course, was more diplomatic. So thats Wednesday.

Thursday 8/15: More 1L orientation. Met some really great folks…some of my classmates have been talking down the 1L’s, and have been generally annoyed by them, but honestly, i haven’t met a single jackass yet. However, its early still, and the real shmucks will shine through over time, as shmucks always do. Tire got fixed today. Life is hell. (Funny how this thought is relative to my general level of comfort in the past. I think to all the people who really really struggle, and I figure I got it easy. There are people with real problems, beyond being homeless and in debt up to my corneas…wait, those are real problems. Fuck. Where is my optimism now? *smirk*)

Friday 8/16: Sick as hell, my second day of work at the bookstore, and I am damn near ready to faint every time I lift a box and direct someone to the register. Runny nose, I am hoping as hard as I can that nobody comments on it. I am embarrassed, but I can’t afford to not work. Shit. Oh well. Bobby (great guy, reminds me of someone on TV, but I can’t remember who exactly…) takes us all out for dinner, Chinese. Food’s superior, service would be too if only I could get some damn water. Back to real problems…If I wasn’t a hairy Italian bastard, and I had some muscles or something, and maybe if I could dance, and wasn’t so self-conscious, and didn’t plan on a political career (though this blog probably is the death of that withering dream) then for sure I would be stripping. Almost DEFINITELY. Maybe.

Saturday (today): Fuck, lets see…got up, blew my nose a few times, wiped the sleep out of my eyes, then I washed up and went to meet a man about a horse. I mean a man about a house. So maybe if I can get $865 together I can move into this place in College Park. It would be great, but see the events of Wednesday. Where am I gonna get some money? And what would the school think if they knew the SBA Treasurer was so broke? Doesn’t bode well for his financial wherewithal…of course, my situation is less about financial mismanagement and more about being screwed over for job after job this summer, but still…of course, someone will probably read this, I don’t care. I know I am a damn good student leader, and the students don’t have to worry about their money getting fucked up. My record speaks for itself in that arena, but damn, I gotta get my personal finances together. I bid you all once more to visit the Broke Ass Anthony Fund (BAAF). Once again, folks, this is not a game, this is not a joke. Give early and give often. Dig?

Ah, the life of a law student. Non-Dairy creamer as milk, noodles, Peanut Butter and water dinners…

“As God as my witness, I’ll never eat [Ramen] again!” Scarlett O’Hara, struggling law student.

Here is Dahlia Lithwick’s advice for 1L’s…good advice, but what do I know?

Holla if you hear me, as the prophet Tupac once intoned…

5 days remaining…

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