I woke up and it was pouring down rain
I put my head on it really wasn’t no thang
one of them days I was feelin’ immune to the pain
threw on alice coltrane smoked and sang
and wrote this flame composed to the rhythm of the droplets
and wind whisperin’ similar to gossip
the kick slappin’ at the window glass
slow down the globe so it don’t spin too fast
because, I been runnin’ like a river since
the age of my early innocence
it just made me ambitious
my gramps used to tell me, “Man, listen,
If you can’t burn don’t step into the kitchen…”
You muscle your turn the laws of the land vicious
we gotta stick to the plan which is
pursuing true riches
whether we trade stock or wash dishes
throughout setbacks and few glitches
the big picture’s the focus so fuck being hopeless
and helpless we not selfish so we wrote this…
and give it to ya.
make ya feel good.
know what I’m talkin’ bout…
– black thought “glitches”

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