James “Jimmy” Aiken Sr (1953-2005)

james aiken sr.

The creek, it seems, swallowed him up.

He and the river were well known to one another, and as it had been with his father (my great-grand-), they had a long and comfortable arrangement. He respected her, honored her, and she shared with him her gifts and peace and splendor. It’s hard to say whether the deal was somehow broken, or whether this was all part of the bargain. He did his part, and perhaps when it was time to go, he left at her hand. I can’t pretend to know the covenant they came to. All I know is that the creek swallowed him up.

The past few days I’ve avoided the tears, fought them back from rolling down my face like sea island thunderstorms. From time to time I can sense them welling up only to be choked back again by my Taurean unwillingness to give in. I am bound and determined not to deal with my emotions, and I shall not until I am good and goddamn ready. I cannot, regardless, because someone has to stand as the bulwark between chaos and order, between the calm of Thursday morning and the unremitting monsoon of this weekend.

This weekend when the sky fell and only stopped long enough to give us his body back.

I would write more, but the words would do him no justice.

Rest in peace, Uncle Jimmy.

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  1. Hey Sweetheart. Im sorry about your uncle Jimmy. My Heart goes out to you and your loved ones. You did a wonderful job on the site though.
    Call me if you need to talk.
    Your friend,

  2. Hi Tony,

    This is from auntie Pat.

    I just learned of your website. I thank you for honoring my brother. I know how you felt then I know how you feel now. My brother I am still unable to handle his death or not recall memories everyday. There can be no day that I ever will. I pray that one day I will be with him again. To laugh, to play, to share, to celebrate, to care, to live and to love.

    Sincerely, Auntie Pat 3/28/2006

  3. Hi Cuz,
    You brought a tear to my eyes. I know we will never forget our uncle Jimmy he meant more to us then some of our own fathers. I’m glad you did this so that others that read your site will know what beautiful man he was. We will miss him dearly.


  4. Anthony:
    I have just spent the past 20 minutes crying after reading your poem. Truly Uncle Jimmy was loved. I guess God had first choice and we were just blessed to know and love him. All in all, Jimmy will live on in our hearts forever and his life will always be a model for others to follow in the ways that he treated people.

    I love you, Always.


  5. Im gonna make this short because even now two years later it is hard for me to think about Uncle Jimmys death but I know he would be so very touched by what youve done here Anthony as am I! Thank you for this Tribute to a man who has forever changed our lives for the better!

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