Much More Than This

I've traveled each and every highway.

This is about to be the longest fucking post I have ever written in the entire time I’ve run this so-called blog. Bear with me, though, its worth the read, just look for your name and smile. Sorry for the delay, but I had to make sure I was actually graduating before I put this up. Oh, and no homo the whole muhfuckin’ post.

Four “long hard years of still strugglin’,” and now the end is nigh. I got through, and I did it the only way I knew how, without surrendering myself to the mighty thresher that is law school. I did not have my arms rent from my shoulders. I did not succumb to on campus interviews or summer associate positions. I fought the law, and fuck if I didn’t win. Maybe I am bragging about my ability to survive. Maybe survival’s got me buggin’. But I’m alive on arrival. I’ve dumped 2 girlfriends and left 4 apartments, lost countless acquaintances and missed more than a few meals.

Thanks to those who kept me fed and sheltered. Thanks to Bobby at WashLaw for the myriad loans and openly-given trust; and Marsha at AA for her kindness and trust much more hard-earned. I consider each of them, both of my bosses, to be friends. I’ve never before been able to think of my employers in such a vein. Thanks to Professors Gregory Berry and Spencer Boyer for their guidance and wisdom. Through my time in and out of school, they’ve been alternately my mentors and support group, giving me the strength and encouragement to come back to school, making me feel welcome, and making me feel like I belonged back. Professor Boyer likely has no idea how his telling the students in his Contracts class to be sure to visit my site meant to me, how much it made me feel still a part of the Howard family, when just the year before I would have been shocked to know he could even pronounce my name; and Professor Berry’s long talks and advice, his heartening words and insight have prepared me far beyond legal writing 2. Without either man, I would not have returned to the hallowed halls of Howard Law. Thanks, Professor Okianer Christian Dark, for showing me that I belonged in law school in the first place, and how to survive law school exams, and putting the fire in my belly to prove that this place wouldn’t beat me. Thank you Sarita (and Dee) for letting me crash on your couch for so many nights. Sarita, tell your mom (and aunts) I said hi, and Dee, I hope your grad program is going well. Tunisia, thanks for being there soooo many times. I’d have been a stank ass negro without the random use of your shower.

Thank you to Morenike, who planted Con Law deep within my fallow brain. She is a golden woman, a rare, special individual, whose generosity knows no measure. I trust she is doing well wherever she is. Thank you to Lashonda for the lemon Krispy Kremes and her smile. Thanks to Scott for the time you pulled me aside and read me the riot act, and let me know, “Look, man, if you aren’t putting 90% of your time into law school, you aren’t doing enough, ok? You just gotta get it done, no excuses. No more bullshit, get it done.” Thanks Kris for your friendship, your trust, your kindness. I only wish we had more time to hang out when you were here this summer and fall. I was glad to be there for you, and glad you were there for me. STILL sorry about your earring.

Muchas gracias and maraming salamat to Sha and Sadia, respectively, for loving me when and if you did, and being there for me when you were. You’ve both taught me much, both intentionally and otherwise. My heart will always be yours. [expletive deleted].

Sasha, thanks for the shoulder and the five bucks you lent me for gas that one time (I never forget). Tony, thanks for everything both in undergrad and through the rough times in law school, I’ll be bringing you some dough soon, I haven’t forgotten, I am just an asshole and haven’t grown up yet, but my debts will be paid. So many times I’ve uttered things and realized the wisdom was yours and not my own. Tiffany, my old roommate, thank you for your patience as long as you had it. To Angela, who got me to WashLaw, thanks, your friendship has meant so much to me; I hope we maintain it better than we have since you graduated.

To all of Section 1 ’04, I love you guys, through thick and thin, your calls when I was sick or I didn’t show up first year, your compassion, your love, your friendship, your help, you all were wonderful to me, and I thank you. To the Class of ’05, thanks for making me feel as though I belonged with you, for making what could have been an impossibly difficult year seem the most natural thing in the world.

Thanks to Shuman and Corlie, our marathon study sessions first year kept me here, kept me sane, and kept me crazy all at once. There are times I’m sure we could have choked each other, but we got through it all with class. Good luck Will in NY and good luck with the world that’s now open to you, my only advice is to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Life is so short, you can’t get any moment back, so grab it and savor it whilst you can. Corlie, my hats off to you, sir, you picked a good one, and good luck to you and Anya and your son (he’s beautiful, dawg, congrats again, if I haven’t told you enough). And congrats on passing the MD bar. Chris, thanks for the haircuts and the talks and all that shit, man.

Thanks to all the fresh blog muhfuckas, to Ebony, Aja, Nakachi, to Alboogie, to George at negrophile, to TJ, to Kevin, to Lynne, to Nicole, to Brick, to C, to OJ, to Huny, to eMIA6, NOS, Jeff, Virtues, Afeni, and anyone else who has a site who regularly (or really, EVER) reads my drivel and comments – you have no idea how much your attention (however rare) has meant to me. All the times I was gonna shut this shit down, the mild illusion that I actually have an audience has saved this blasted page.

Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. Thank you Kimberly and Robin. I cannot say this enough. Each of you in your own way – Kimberly, you are one of the most kindhearted, intelligent, witty, sarcastic muhfuckas I have ever met (and one of the most sensitive), and one of those few individuals I actually identify with. My fellow Taurus, you are, frankly, the shit. When you get to the Supreme Court, I wouldn’t mind getting a pic with you or something. Or maybe you’ll need a new website or something. Robin, you know, Rob Roy, Robin of Locksley, Robin Goodfellow, Robin the Hood, you KNOW, Robin, how much I owe you. Thank you.

To Trixie, thanks for the legs. Plus all the rest, you are supadupafly. Nice shoes, too.

Reiko, I only wish…shit, as if you don’t know.

Sekou and Khari, you two have been like brothers to me. There isn’t much I can say that would effectively communicate how much you guys have meant to me (no homo). So I’mma leave it at that.

Keri, you have been like a sister to me. There isn’t much I can say that would effectively communicate how much you have meant to me (no homo). So I’mma leave it at that. (sorry about the form love)

Letitia. *shaking my head* my ace boon. My best friend. I love you as much as I’ve ever loved anyone. Thank you for your patience and your understanding and your friendship and your kindness and your waiting ear when I need one. Thank you thank you thank you.

Meilyn, my goodness. I owe my job to you. I owe my sanity to you in no small part either. Thank you. Good luck with the new guy, good luck with mmagination (shameless plug). You have been a blessing to my life.

Willie and Kai, I didn’t know either one of you before this past year, but in the span of maybe 7 months, I’ve grown to consider you both among my very best friends. Kai, we made it through!!!! Willie, tell Gabe thanks, and I’ll email homegirl eventually. Double congrats to both of you on your impending nuptials.

Adam, my roommate, my mellow my man in miscegenation, my folks, from the Merrimack Valley to Columbia Heights, Imma buy you a beer at Wonderland.

Erikka, you are a unique soul, and I hope you don’t waste too many time keeping all the compartments separate. You aren’t nearly as selfish as you want people to think, nor as dominant as you claim. Which is why I like you so. Ayanna, ohmigod, where would I be if not for you? Thanks so much…this year was not easy. If you ever need me, well, you know where I be. Plus we need to finish your website.

To the people who kept my mind right at school, even though most of y’all don’t really fuck with each other, much love. Especially Terrica, who certainly deserves her own mention. Aisha too. And Monya. To all the bruhs, thanks. From outlines to helping me move, I’d have been long since done for if it wasn’t for y’all.

Plus, Nikeysha Davis. Enough said.

And speaking of websites, to all my clients, Aneska, NCND, CAFHC, James, et al…anytime you need me, just call. You’ve all been wonderful (except for those of you who are assholes.)

To Tiffany, my lil sis…thank you for everything. So many times I’ve had to call, and you’ve been there. Trust me, it won’t be forgotten. You’ve got a good husband there, I wish you both the best. Congrats with BB&T, they finally realized what they had on their hands.

Pop, thanks for being there when I needed advice.

Mom, mom, mom. You never let me starve. You never let me wallow in misery. You were always there, no matter what. You gave and gave and gave. I can only hope to be worth half the effort you put forth. If I can give my children one-tenth of the love you gave me, they will never want for anything. I love you Mom. Thank you.

To anyone I forgot, if you were really down, and I left you out, just know that you get yours too.

and to everyone else, you can go fuck yourselves.

so, um…can somebody let these bitches know that they are in the presence of greatness?

0 thoughts on “Much More Than This

  1. No Anthony THANK YOU!
    For being an inspiration despite your asshole tendencies here and there *wink*. As I sit here trying to figure how I’m gonna make it anopther 2 years struggling through my higher education, payin the bills and feedin ma kid, you offer something that a lot of people overlook “HOPE”, however indirectly or purposefully. You are most deserving of your accomplishment! Your allowed to be a lil arrogant bout it for the meantime.

    Now pass that bar exam biach and

  2. Look, homeslice… I’ve been through the fire once or twice. I know what it’s so deep into a process that you don’t know when it will end, and I know how truimphant you feel making it to the other side.

    And there aren’t too many folks with plans and a goal and the will to follow through. Brother, we will hold up out heads a little higher knowing that you made it. And to be honest, everybody knew you had it in you… it was just your time to figure that out.

    That’s the excerpt of my mama’s speech to me whenever I complete something large or do things that I don’t think I can do. The older I get, the wiser she gets.

    Dang it. But I digress.

    Get out there, get your thanking out of the way, and never, ever forget your gratitude. Live your life in such a way that honors those who struggled to get you here. We are bouyed on the backs of our ancestors and we’ve come too far to stay here.

    Keep on pushin’.


  3. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome. you’re welcome.

    (from the second half of “kimberly and”)

    and, yeah, yous made us real proud. we love ya! (well, at least i do. hehe!)

  4. “To Trixie, thanks for the legs. Plus all the rest, you are supadupafly. Nice shoes, too.”

    Damn, my legs are helping mofos make it through law school now…that’s incredible! It’s nice to know that they can do more than spread themselves open and get me into all kinds of trouble 😉


    And now the real fun begins…

  5. bitches, greatness. greatness… well, i suppose you’re familiar with bitches already.

    damn, i’m proud of you like you was mine. guess that makes you mine. yes, yes it does.

    to quote trixie’s legs… “now the real fun begins.” and i can’t wait to read it.

    congratulations, darling.

  6. Post made me a tad bit emotional for the first time since we were handed the diplomas yesterday. Go figure. Much love homie-person. You are alright with me…

  7. You are truly an inspiration and a beautiful person. No wonder you have such a wonderful collection of friends. I pray for your happiness, your destiny, and your peace. You radiate greatness and potential. Well done, grasshopper. Keep believing and trusting.

    The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship.
    –Ralph Waldo Emerson

  8. Watching greatness unfold is marvelous and frustrating:) I love you darlin’. And, you are welcome. Here’s to alot more unfolding!! Anansi

  9. sorry this is late but congratulations Mr. Santagati. You are a wonderful man and im sure the world hasn’t seen half of everything that you are. And we all realize that you aren’t done yet…

  10. Why am I JUST reading this?

    I love you man!!!!!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Congrats (again) baby.

    Don’t you go touching my compartments!!! And for the record, I am dominant and will rule the world very soon — and you will all bow down to me.


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