Ley de Computadora

Ok, I am in Computer Law Class as I write. Talking about cybersquatting…”one low down dirty polecat tryin’ to jump somebody’s claim” according to my professor, Lateef Mtima. While granted, it is vitally important that I pay attention in class, I am trying to balance my need to blog and my need to study what is quickly becoming my favorite subject: intellectual property law. I think the worlds of IP, free speech, and civil rights all meet up in the immediate future. More to come on this subject later, I will finish reading this book Code by Lessig, and Copyrights & Copywrongs (though I forgot the author). I will give links to these books and others in a later post. Promise. I am working on a paper on copyright law, though I am not sure where its going yet. So once I do, I will continue on along this particular topic.

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