ok, I know I got

ok, I know I got lazy and didn’t do the rest of Kwanzaa, but so what, go look that shit up for yourselves. Dude made it up anyway, I was just tryin’ to support a brotha. So anyway. I know also, I should have done my New Year’s Resolutions™, but I haven’t decided what things I am gonna fake like I am gonna do this year and then forget about or give up, so once I do that, you will be the first to know. School starts tomorrow. SHITE.
Lets run down the holidays right quick.

CHRISTMAS. Stayed in the godforsaken wasteland that is Beltsville. I missed home. Women wept. Sike naw, nobody really cared that I missed home. I got some clothes from my old man that were in style a few years ago, and they didn’t fit. Went to Keri’s for Christmas Dinner™, had a grand ol’ time. Returned to the godforsaken wasteland that is Beltsville. Missed home. Nobody cared.

NEW YEAR’S. Made plans to go to either one friend’s party or another, both seemed pretty lame. At 11:30, Sadia and I decided to go to Baltimore to see stripp– oops, er, exotic dancers. so we did. only they weren’t there. so we went to New Jersey instead, to go to Atlantic City, except it wasn’t there either. or something like that. so we came home. still one of my top 3 New Year’s ever, right up there with the AC Crazy Girl Who Wanted Us To Pay For Her 5 Dollar Meal and the time at KJ’s house, with Sha. Yeah. Gully.

And thats it. Say goodnight Sadia. “Goodnight, Sadia.”

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