Sitting in Class

Wondering what is gonna go on my lil’ “Omerta”…my professor is so funny, but it takes away from the subject, if only because I have such a deep interest in the topic. Computer law, the legal issues related to computers and the internet, is in my opinion, the future of freedom. We have bought and sold everything that can be bought and sold, everything tangible. ANYONE can make or sell anything that can be made or sold. Just hire a manufacturer and set them to the task. There are few things that the modern economic warrior can create that are unique to him or her, which NO ONE else can do. Those few things we have taken ownership of and made them into a form of property, like land or chattel, which we call intellectual property. So we herd our ideas together now and march them o’er the plain. Is the frontier free or otherwise? Well, that of course depends on where we place our boundaries, our fences, our walls, and of course, the other herds. The structures we create proscribe the limitations of our freedom. Additionally, those structures ensure the freedom we desire. Obviously, I gotta think about this more thoroughly, and make my thoughts a little clearer. Give me a little time.

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