soon to come.

more coming soon…I am working on it…sorry for the long delay.

but if y’all muhfuckas paid me, I would work faster. bet.

EDIT: Per nakachi’s question:

0 thoughts on “soon to come.

  1. I must admit that I look forward to laughing out loud while I’m at work. You know… while I’m supposed to be working faster.

    My assumption was that you had something resembling a life… or you were all hugged up with some woman…

    I’ve been derailed many a day by being all hugged up with my man, and the standard answer is ‘Something came up’. Use that one next time that situation arises.

    But while we’re at it… Do you want that in checks, cash or credit cards?


  2. Here’s your dollar. Like my grandpa said… don’t spend it all in the same place, ya hear?

    In 1978, a dollar only got so far, but it could buy a hell of a lot of penny candy. Penny candy was even a penny in Mississippi at the time… You should work like a new slave with that much sugar in your system.


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