still working

I am still working on this, but I hope you like the look so far. tell me what you think. comments, archives, and old posts remain in the old style. omerta, for the oh-fo.

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  1. fabulis. just fabulis. (In Mama Klump’s voice)

    the smaller waves look like crisp snow-capped mountain tops – making me want to inhale the fresh air… while the tallest wave looks like it is covered in tiny claws and hands… as it climbs toward heaven they are reaching out and down… they want to come back down to earth… where you are. headliner, you’re down to earth.
    AHA! i see the ships of men struggling to stay afloat. you thought i missed that, didn’t you? you are so con-shuss.

  2. damn i thought it was some freaky melted ice cream type shit at the bottom. nah just playing. i like the new layout. although #3 was my fave, i’m diggin this one just the same. i see heads are gettin on board the 20 things list. ur such a ‘trendsetter’ hehe
    boogie out

  3. and you say you don’t give a fuck about what i think. i knew it was only a matter of time.

    i like this, though the blue side bar had me thinking i was looking at 2 pages instead of one for about a second. the contrast didn’t make visual sense to me until i scrolled down to see the lovely waves at the bottom of the page.

    other than that very minor concern (which you now care so much about it makes your blood itch. yes, i know.), it’s a lovely turn of events here at

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