No Phone

ugh…still no phone…my cell has been off for a week now…*grumbling* i hate Sprint…they are in league with the debbil. Sprint and foosball, I tell ya, Sprint and foosball…demon spawn duo.

I paid my bill, or so I thought, then they didn’t post my payment till after they had added the new month’s charges, then told me they couldn’t turn it on till I paid off the new amount..dirty telecom bastards…a pox on them…fie, fie on Sprint!

Sprint is hella puttin the kibosh on my summer fun. Those curs.

By the way, do I seem like an angry person? I think I might be wayyyyyy overly angry and aggressive, but I don’t know why that is…I am just a lil hairy ball of testosterone, I guess…anyway, fuck it, I am going to bed. “After all, tomorrow IS another day…”

By the way, put all your money on Martha Stewart…she can’t be stopped…she’s a juggernaut, mark my words…one love

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