Well, Allow Me To Retort

to recap:
[3.31.03] we had another fight, so I wrote something about it.
[4.07.03] I wrote some other things, about work, but I took it down. I kinda need this job.
[4.12.03] I couldn’t think of anything to write. hijinks ensue.
[4.13.03] I wrote two poems. they weren’t very good, but bah, who are you to judge me?
[4.14.03] we fought through the internet. back and forth just like a cameo song.
[4.19.03] I don’t like ofays, but I shonuff love my girl.
[4.30.03] fuck you. really. that’s what it says.
[5.06.03] I am superior to you.
[5.12.03] martha stewart’s a cum-guzzling uber-whore.
[5.14.03] I was watching my girlfriend sleep. god, am I a stalker or what?
[5.18.03] happy birthday to me. belated. old ass bastard.
[5.22.03] way to go reuben, you fat fuck. and happy birthday, pop.