Decoded Fashion New York City


After completing the World's First Fashion Hackathon just weeks prior, we needed to expand our vision to the biggest fashion stage in the world: the tents at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As the first tech event ever in the Fashion Week tents, we wanted a cleaner look overall, so we revised the London event's website and pulled some elements forward that we could extend into future events as needed, while adding some unique accents that could distinguish this event from others. On-stage branding was focused largely on lighting and projections and a single dominant graphic that ensured the Decoded brand was in nearly every photo. "NYFW just got techy," said, and the event was a triumph.


Decoded Fashion / Tecnamedia


Branding, Web Development, Marketing Strategy, Event Production & Stage Management

Decoded Fashion: NYC 2013dfnyc_programDecoded Fashion: NYC 2013Decoded Fashion: NYC 2013