Google Me

a few of the noteworthy google searches that bring up my site on the first page (remember to type these EXACTLY as you see them, punctuation and all):

pitchers of scarface
ba fangul
pic of yaphet kotto
[you damn straight! #1 with a bullet, bee-yatch!…Ed.]
“Adventures of Peeping Tom 28”
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to school
“Family Matters” Star does porn
kitchen concepts pics
Diana Riggs nude
“jimmy fallon band”
[good to hear that…lol…#4 on that list, by the way…Ed.]
“gloria hendry”
doug christie whipped

what really scares me, I think, is that people came to google and ran those searches, then finding them, a number of them actually went to my site…what exactly about my page screamed, “THIS MUST BE A PAGE FOR DIANA RIGGS NUDE PHOTOS!!!!”…not that the erstwhile Avengers hottie isn’t fly or anything, but what about MY page said she would probably be on it in the all-together?

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