appellate brief 3

and finally, muthafuck an appellate brief. if I see an appellate brief in a dark alley, I am kicking an appellate brief’s muthafuckin ass. the streets is watching, bitch ass appellate brief.

but, at least I am done with that bitch.

I only wrote the argument pages 11-20, and the statement of the case, but you can read the slut in question (in PDF version) here

0 thoughts on “appellate brief 3

  1. i can’t believe you put your freakin brief on your website… you are a secret nerd.

    but you should definitely have a disclaimer that says the views expressed in the brief are not your own (they aren’t, right???)

  2. so prof. berry made you argue the evil side! oy vey.
    brennan is right, a disclaimer is essential. unless, of course, you are more like these alabama yahoos i have to deal with every day than you care to admit. i’m just sayin’.

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