fitty and breyer

Similarly, there is simply nothing constitutionally suspect about the under-recognized “judicial shout-out.” Judges are not unlike rappers and bloggers: They like to pay their respects. Rapper 50 Cent in Ghetto Quran Lyrics offers:

Shout out to Clanvis and Clutch, Bob Dre, Black Will
If the flow don’t kill you the Mac will

Which is pretty much the same thing Justice Breyer does in the 2000 case Nixon v. Shrink Missouri Government:

The approach taken by these cases is consistent with that of other constitutional courts facing similarly complex constitutional problems [after which he cites European and Canadian Courts]. – from “Foreign Exchange” by Tim Wu, in Slate

yes, he really said that. no, I did not make that up.

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  1. Doesn’t everyone and everything seek to give and aquire acknowledgment on some level or another? Who and what doesn’t wan’t to be recognized? Should judges be any different because social stature or professional etiquette?

  2. Breyer? Shout outs! LOL!!

    That reminds me of hearing Al Gore on the radio when he was campaigning…he gave some shout-outs with that stilted voice of his and I could not stop laughing as I was driving home that day…

    It just proves the power of hip-hop culture….

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