Ask Omerta: Initial Solicitation


I am starting a new feature on this site, where you can send me questions,ask for advice, etc, and I’ll answer them as bestas I can…just email me and ask your questions, and I’ll select the best ones to answer on here…I’d like to do this once a month, but I probably won’t get that many questions, so let’s just start with the first one and see where it goes from there, ok?

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  1. So I went to law school, did pretty well, got a pretty good job (pretty good meaning high paying) and have been here for a year and a half. Problem is, I could care less about the law (go figure). It turns out that what I actually enjoyed was learning the law…but I have no interest in the practice of law. So…I’ve decided to leave…in one year I plan to totally abandon the law and…hmmm…maybe go to the Dominican Republic and teach children to speak English…and then go back to school to study what I truly love: English Lit.

    Problem is: everyone thinks I’m crazy. That I’m being childish. Silly. Indecisive. That I just don’t want to work (and this is at least partially true). Do you think that it’s better to “build character” by getting up every morning to do something that, while you don’t actually hate it, you just don’t care about it. So is it better to…you know…to stick it out. Be an adult. Be responsible. Or do you think it’s better to follow your heart (even if that means you need change every three years and you give up a high paying position and possibly resign yourself to a life of…well…no money)???????

    and it should be noted that I have no children and no other huge financial responsibilities to speak of.

  2. wow@haneefa!!!! kudos to you!
    one of my last bosses always said…”do what you love, never work a day in your life.”

    sorry Anthony I just couldn’t help the urge. But I’m sure your insight is far more advanced and evolved than my impulsive yack.

    But hey my question to add to the pot is…
    What is “bitter” as it is used to describe people?

  3. I recently graduated with my MBA..knowing full well I don’t like business. (It’s a long and stupid story..) My passion is for medicine. My plan is to go to medical school after I finish taking the pre-reqs I need to apply. The courses I need will take me about two years to complete. The problem is that I’ve decided to just do some part-time work while I’m in school again. My parents help me out financially and I hate that. I really feel like I should put my MBA to use while I’m taking these classes for medical school. I’m getting extra stir-crazy because I’m in the same town in which I did both my undergrad and graduate studies. Should I leave and find a real job and take the more difficult route or stick it out here until I can get to medical school?

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