ATLiens: Outtathisworld.

I am writing this from Atlanta, GA. I will post this tomorrow night when I return to DC. My trip…has been more than a little interesting. I don’t know how to begin exactly, so I suppose I should just say what happened, begin at the beginning – though I truly believe the whole thing is of interest or is particularly odd to me – but it feels surreal for some strange reason. OK, let me go through the whole thing, then you can judge for yourself. For reasons I can’t really go into, we left DC extremely late, actually, though we had intended to leave at like noon, we departed around 4:30. So what was to be a 9 hour drive quickly morphed into a 12 hour one. Luckily, I wasn’t driving, as my friend’s car is a manual, which I, in my ignorance, have not yet learned how to operate. He soldiered through it, and drove the entire way to Atlanta, and promptly fell asleep. The next day, I called this young lady who I hadn’t spoken to in some time, and she was hard at work, but we made plans to try to get up the next day, which was Friday. The other people I know here, well, we made plans as well, but they kept faking on the whole thing…even though I called them before I left DC, and we arranged everything, they still faked on it…so I am cool, its whatever, so me and my boy are chilling at his pop’s house. Now his pop is cool as hell, laid back, cool ass older black man, the epitome of the phrase…his pops hosts a jazz radio show up at Clark Atlanta, and so we spend a majority of the time talking about jazz and whathaveyou (talking consists mostly of me asking questions and saying “no, I never heard of them”), all the while trying to stay cool, because his pops hasn’t had air conditioning in the house since like 1994. So this is the set up for the weekend. Lemme give you the itinerary:

– 4:33 PM Left DC

– 5:02 AM Arrive in Atlanta, SW, off of Campbellton Road
– 8:17 PM Go over to my homie’s mom’s house
– 8:56 PM My boy’s friends came through
– 9:12 PM Go over to some other folks house, where everyone acted the fool

– 3:57 AM Arrive back at my homie’s pop’s house
– 11:00 AM Wake up and eat some good ass waffles
– 5:13 PM Roll to another homie’s place
– 6:25 PM Get there
– 6:27 PM Act tha fool
– 7:04 PM Eat Sweetwater & Muenster burgers on whole wheat
– 10:28 PM Roll back to his pop’s crib
– 11:30 PM Faking
– 11:56 PM Faking (left a message)

– 11:41 AM Woke up
– 11:42 AM Was hot
– 12:03 PM Got a great phone call (nice to hear from you)
– 1:00 PM Went to Lenox Mall and ogled strange attractive women
– 2:00 PM Went to Phipps Mall and watched my homie buy things
– 5:10 PM Took my boy’s grandma out to dinner (She wanted to go to a place called “J.D.’s”)
– 6:02 PM Realized that “J.D.’s” was really “Captain D’s”
– 6:33 PM Took her to a different spot, Tiburon Grille
– 7:45 PM Left the restaurant
– 8:30 PM Called a bunch of different people
– 8:35 PM Faking/Got lied to
– 8:36 PM More Faking (same person…this faking continued on till about 9:44 PM)
– 9:45 PM Go over to my homie’s mom’s house
– 10:02 PM Watched “The Women”, a feisty little play about a group of women written by Claire Booth Luce, which was showing on PBS, and ate brownies with my boy’s mom (mind you, its Saturday night on our vacation in Hotlanta…good times)
– 10:23 PM Drove past Magic City…felt overdressed in my polo shirt
– 11:00 PM The faking continues…

– 1:51 AM See my ass typin’, right?

So that’s pretty much it…we are leaving tomorrow, at like 9 or 10 AM – I will fill you in as it goes along – peace and love from tha muthaship. One.

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