Ol’ Virginny

I would like to give a special, super, swollen shout out to my man AC Green…for finally gettin’ some butt.

Congrats AC. After 38 long years…good times.

“A.C. is the man I have waited for my whole life. To know he has also been faithful in waiting for me is the best wedding present I could imagine,” said the new Mrs. Green, who is currently recovering in a Portland-area hospital.

Actually, I made that last part up. AC has an abstinence site, and its like, sooo cool to say no, dude. “Luckily I am on a very strict drug regimen…”

OK, you say, but how whipped is AC gonna be now? As long as he waited…he ain’t never gonna leave her, or backtalk her, or anything…he might give Doug Christie a run for his “Most Whipped Basketballer” money…or not. Nothing is weaker than that little signal thing Dougie does for his wife 80+ times a game…Doug Christie is the penultimate Captain…makes me glad the Lakes traded his sorry tail all those years ago…

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