My Feeble Attempt to Escape the White Supremacist Domination

some thoughts after getting through only the first two chapters of bell hook’s book, Black Looks: Race and Representation…mind you, these are only notes, so don’t take them for more than they are:

1. Why does the phrase “accepting diversity” sound so damn similar to “tolerating” the wondrous and shining beauty that is my people? I don’t want to be accepted. I don’t need your acceptance. Fuck you. Either deal with me or don’t, but I don’t have any interest in your feelings about it, nor in commending you for “accepting diversity.” You are the ones who must be forgiven, who must be accepted. You don’t ask the murderer who killed your parents for their acceptance of you and your kin, and you don’t care how they feel about things, all you want is them to keep their mouths shut on the way to the fucking chair. And that’s what each and every one of you are, a gang of fucking murderers, or the beneficiaries of that murderous nature. So you can take your diversity and your multiculturalism and shove it straight up your lily-white ass.

2. The black male is a tortured, broken body. Not a broken soul, mind you, but a body, so gnarled and torn from within and without, that what other expressions can we have other than that of pain or of the infliction of pain?

3. But then, when have death and desire not been directly and forever linked?

4. The eating of the blowfish, the Japanese fugu, poisonous if not served perfectly, is another example of this attempt (outside of white culture) of the attempt to defeat death by eating it. And what is the Other but chaos, the wild? Black culture represents chaos to white culture, in its unstructured (at least, to white systems of structure) ways, its rhythms, its cacophony of sound and sight. Chaos equals death. White attempts to subvert or otherwise envelope itself around that chaotic culture, in order to “understand” it and by understanding control it and protect itself from the death that culture represents, are but another example of what hooks called “Eating the Other.” [more on this later]

Is This It?

ok, I went. It was aiight, I had a good time, they had good music, but the audience kind of sucked. I think maybe it was the venue, or maybe it was just the fans, but it wasn’t as fun as it should have been. Adding to the general pall the audience cast over the room, the band kinda just stood in one place and sang the whole time, with little or no commentary from the lead singer, and even when he did speak, you could barely understand him. He is like the Mushmouth of Rock. O-ba-K-bee? The opening act was Jimmy Fallon’s band, the Jimmy Fallon from Saturday Night Live, only we didn’t know it was him at first because we got there late. I just remember noting that the audience seemed to know his songs, and he was doing silly things and singing silly songs, and he looked kinda like Jimmy Fallon. On the basis of this, I concluded that he was in fact Jimmy Fallon, but non of my compatriots believed me. Then the lead singer for the Strokes mumbled something at the end of the show like, “Id libetosaybathanksataJimmyFallongarblegarbleblahblah” and I was shown once again to be completely correct…that’ll show ’em.


saturday night I watched live and let die (LALD /1973), this james bond/blaxploitation epic with yaphet kotto (from homicide: life on the streets) as the evil ambassador kananga/ the evil heroin dealer and restauranteur mr. big (don’t start). roger moore’s first bond appearance, he handles it as well as he could.up till saturday, I figured octopussy was the premier roger moore james bond movie on sheer name alone, with a close second being view to a kill, with grace jones and christopher walken as zoren, plus a duran duran theme song. supafly, fo sho. LALD may be in the top 5 of james bond movies of all time, a list that previously included 4 sean connery joints and a single george lazenby bond, due to the whole diana riggs as his wife killed during the movie…so sad.

anyway, LALD is rising like cream. Paul McCartney song, sans sappy maudlin sing-songy crap (McCartney staples), and the baddest woman I have ever seen in a bond movie. this chick named rosie, played by gloria hendry. I don’t know what ms. hendry has been doing lately, I know she was in a grip of blaxploitation films, LALD being her second, after slaughter’s big rip off, the sequal to slaughter, starring jim brown. she did black ceasar, black belt jones, hell up in harlem, etc…straight up, shawty was bad…tight ass body, dark chocolate skin, man she was dope…real dope, on the real…needless to say, bond had her, and she was killed by a scarecrow.

oh, and dr. quinn medicine woman (jane seymour) was in the movie too, bond was basically like, “you know imma do you, right?” and she goes, “but…” and he is all, “its in the cards, babe,” and she is all like, “i mean, ok then, i guess i gotta,” and then they do it, and she is in love with that cat…dr. quinn was NOT holdin it down. and the gay dude from boomerang is in this piece too, as a voodoo priest. WAY TO GO GEOFFREY HOLDER.

um, so anyhoo, did I mention yaphet kotto was in this? the black guy who played an italian guy on “homicide” and he was in “alien” too, but he exploded. [warning, if you haven’t seen the movie yet and you don’t want the special effects laden super suprise exciting ending ™ to be ruined for you, stop reading now….ok, moving on] he explodes here too. its weird and uncomfortable, not in the slightest bit cool.

the rest of the movie is dope, though. cool white guy bond, strolling through the ghetto, with his long, black 3/4 length coat, pimpin ain’t easy, mr. bond. he walks into the negro juke joint/ restaurant, and everything stops. james bond is not cool james anymore, he is just a white guy in the wrong place…its kind of funny really. you absolutely have to see this movie. they should have changed the name, though, named it like “when bond goes to harlem” or “bond’s big scores” or “james bond’s baaaaaaaaad ass pick up lines”. all of these would have been pretty accurate names for this film. all in all, i give it a thumbs up and 2 hits on the blackhand side, my brotha…I will look for a pic of gloria hendry, and post it when I can…solid, brotha, right on *raised right power fist*