Is This It?

ok, I went. It was aiight, I had a good time, they had good music, but the audience kind of sucked. I think maybe it was the venue, or maybe it was just the fans, but it wasn’t as fun as it should have been. Adding to the general pall the audience cast over the room, the band kinda just stood in one place and sang the whole time, with little or no commentary from the lead singer, and even when he did speak, you could barely understand him. He is like the Mushmouth of Rock. O-ba-K-bee? The opening act was Jimmy Fallon’s band, the Jimmy Fallon from Saturday Night Live, only we didn’t know it was him at first because we got there late. I just remember noting that the audience seemed to know his songs, and he was doing silly things and singing silly songs, and he looked kinda like Jimmy Fallon. On the basis of this, I concluded that he was in fact Jimmy Fallon, but non of my compatriots believed me. Then the lead singer for the Strokes mumbled something at the end of the show like, “Id libetosaybathanksataJimmyFallongarblegarbleblahblah” and I was shown once again to be completely correct…that’ll show ’em.

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