Fuck a Perm

fuck law school. fuck my job, my roommates and sprint pcs. fuck b.e.t. fuck critics of b.e.t. who aren’t even fuckin’ black. fuck essentialist notions of blackness. fuck copycats. fuck dreadlocks. fuck stupidity, bullshit and selfishness. fuck weird girls and fuck plagiarism. fuck mayor williams. fuck verizon and fuck bank of america. fuck 65.207.0.#. fuck 205.247.35.#, too. fuck exes. fuck american idol, fuck mr. personality…matter of fact, fuck reality tv, reality movies, and reality all around. fuck living in a fantasy. fuck charles and ray eames. fuck being the “black” anything. fuck the police. fuck being different for no good goddamn reason. fuck being just like everyone else. fuck dichotomies and duality. fuck yin, and muthafuck a yang, too. fuck both sides of the coin. fuck art with a capital a. fuck filth. fuck jim crow.

fuck president bush up his fuckin’ ass. fuck iraq. fuck iraqi most wanted playing cards, and fuck the moron that invented them. fuck the new graphics every network created for the war, and while you are at it, fuck the networks. fuck jingoism. fuck the abc/tnt/espn troika for fuckin’ with the nba playoffs so regular people can’t watch any goddamn games if they don’t have cable. fuck lazy fuckers. fuck the sacramento kings. fuck tim duncan. fuck jay-z, ja rule, nelly, celine dion, 50 cent, erykah badu, kelly clarkson and clay aiken. fuck the new black. fuck fantasy sports leagues. fuck shitty websites. fuck self-proclaimed creative types. fuck my landlord and my boss and fuck massa. fuck scalia, thomas, and rehnquist.

fuck the bad economy. fuck the digital millennium copyright act and the sonny bono copyright extension act. fuck dial-up. fuck allergies. fuck bean sprouts. fuck tuna fish and all other canned meat products. fuck spam. fuck spam. fuck spam. fuck penis enlargements, secret nigerian financial scams, and unsolicited pornography. fuck tellin’ em’ why you mad, son. fuck overbearing people. fuck suffocation. fuck immediately. fuck early. fuck often. fuck this, fuck that and fuck you.

and most importantly, fuck haters.

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    Paying for spam
    Fuck Sprint. Fuck them right in their goddamned ears! No other wireless company charges to receive text messages. Just sprint. At $0.10 a pop. Not so bad, you think? This means that you have to PAY TO RECEIVE SPAM. They didn’t think about that. I decided to just turn it all off. Fuck text messaging. It took 3 seperate 20 minute phone calls to get them to shut it all off. Don’t trust the webpage. Unchecking all the options of what messages you receive won’t work. Why? because they think that all people want to do is send and receive messages between phones. They forgot that each phone has an email address (10digitnumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com) and since it is such an easy format, spammers can randomly generate phone numbers and go to town. The reps I spoke to kept saying “you can block particular senders and domains.” Oh, so there are only 20 domains and emails in the entire world? One added “smsblocking.com” to my block list. Still didn’t work. They finally had to create a special trouble ticket. I haven’t seen a spam text yet. But what really pissed me off was that everytime I called, they insinuated that I was an idiot who knew absolutely nothing about current communications trends simply because I don’t want to text on my goddamn phone. I have no problem with sms (and yes, it is finally true sms…if you have one of the newest phones). I don’t want to PAY TO RECEIVE IF I HAVE NO WAY OF CONTROLLING IT. And no one at Sprint seems to understand that. I had one brain-dead idiot claim that EVERYONE charges to receive. Even with my nice discount, I refuse to pay for the privilege of receiving spam.

    Assholes, the lot of them. SO FUCK SPRINT!!!! U ARE BANNED!!!!


    Ah yes, the cell phone: the device everyone loves to hate, especially in the car. Yet we all have one and we’ve all talked on it while driving anyway. But that’s really not the point.

    I used to have a great phone. The ultimate nerd gadget: the Handspring Treo 300. A Palm and cell phone all rolled into one little package. I loved that thing, I could even post on Uber from it. Until one month last July.

    My Sprint cell plan allowed me 500 anytime minutes for $60 a month. Not a very good plan by today’s rates, but a year ago when I started the plan it was pretty standard. And lo-and-behold, last July I committed that unspeakable act of cell phone transgression: I went over my minutes. Tragically over. I used 800 minutes. My bill for the month was $230.

    When I called to question this outrageous charge, the Sprint man informed me that the new pricing plans allowed 800 minutes for the same $60 bucks a month.
    “Great!” I said.
    “Would you like to switch?” The Sprint man asked.
    “Hell yeah I’d like to switch!”
    “Okay, but first you have to pay your $230 balance.”

    What the fuck? If 800 minutes costs $60, why am I paying $230 for it? This, coupled with a few other very poorly handled issues I had with them, led me to cancel my Sprint service. So I was on the phone with the cancellation lady today. First, let me make this clear. Everyone at Sprint is a fucking bastard. They are all uncaring assholes who want to milk as much money out of you as possible. Except the cancellation lady.

    So here I was, speaking to the kindest, most helpful southern talking lady in the whole company. Now she wants to do everything she can to keep me from leaving: listening to my griping, apologizing for her company’s fuck ups, offering me 1000 minutes for $50 per month. But this only pissed me off more.

    1000 minutes for $50 per month? Where did this come from? If there’s a better pricing plan for the way I’m using my phone, why don’t you just GIVE IT TO ME?? If I go to McDonalds and ask for a burger, fries, and a coke, the lady behind the counter says, “Oh, you want the value meal! It’s cheaper that way, and you get a bigger drink!”
    “Great! Thank you very much!” I say.

    Why is it acceptable for a cell phone company to function any other way? Give me the damn Value Meal!


  2. AND THEN THERE’ S NEXTEL … with the most unreliable service but possibly the best plans in America…i mean free incoming you can’t go wrong. Hello call me back i got FREE INCOMING. but there is no connection anywhere especially in my pocket( i mean even though my jeans are a little tight on my baby phat thighs and though qinuwine can’t even get in these jeans) i’de think my little i730 would get atleast one bar…NOT. oh and up in my room which is on the third floor of our little Baltimore rowhouse you’d think ide get better service right? i mean since you figure it is closer to the service poles…NOT EVEN.

    Oh and another problem the lil “bloop bloop” or “chirp chirp” is a nuisance especially with friends with like mine. im in my EnglishIV class mind you this is most likely the only teacher who can stop me from graduating from FREDERICK DOUGLASS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL on June 4 and my good friend JR bloops me HEY TIP!!! Ms. Ehler didn’t hear so i figure i wont answer he’ll get the hint and hit someone else…he didn’t T.I.P. COMING LIVE FROM THE V.I.P OR WHEREEVER YOU COMING FROM is the next lovely sound coming my Lil J.Lo purse whoever she is…? Ms. Ehler says turn it off so i turn the speaker off and then this idiot of a friend Alerts me which he should have done from the beginning MATTER OF FACT Nextel should incorporate that into the phones.

    But i’ll keep my little NEXTEL and i’ll put it in my pocket during EnglishIV since ther is no service there anyway

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