Tha Dragon

Stolen Moments from my dual life as the masked chat man, “DRAG0N DC“:

DRAG0N DC: hey playa
afro8asia: hey hey hey
DRAG0N DC: dynomite
afro8asia: bam!
DRAG0N DC: shut yo mouth
afro8asia: :-
DRAG0N DC: don’t have a cow, man
afro8asia: 🙂
DRAG0N DC: so um, yeah…I was thinkin bout you today, you and the beatles
afro8asia: Yeah?
DRAG0N DC: sadia+beatles=whitealbum, sexysadie
afro8asia: lol…
DRAG0N DC: sexy sadie, what have you done? You made a fool of everyone…
DRAG0N DC: you made a fool of every one uh uh un….
afro8asia: sing it.
DRAG0N DC: sexy sadie woaoh, what have you done…the sunny day…the world was waiting on a lova….
DRAG0N DC: oooh…
DRAG0N DC: ok, thats enough for me today
DRAG0N DC: next I will perform “Sadie” by the Spinners (not the horrible RKelly version)
afro8asia: do you want some water?
DRAG0N DC: “Early one sunday mornin’…WAH WAH”
afro8asia: keep those chords lubricated…
DRAG0N DC: “Breakfast was on the table…WAH WAH”
DRAG0N DC: “There was no time toooo eat….she said to me, boy hurry to SUN day schooool….”
DRAG0N DC: um, for reals, I am done
DRAG0N DC: quick, gimme your top 5 albums of all time
afro8asia: Quick?
DRAG0N DC: *cracks the listing whip”
afro8asia: That’d take me months, years even to figure out…
DRAG0N DC: don’t backtalk me…just list!
afro8asia: ahh! i can’t!
DRAG0N DC: fine, um…gimme a 5 really great albums list…just 5 that def. have to be part of the discussion of your top 5
afro8asia: I’m at a loss… Weird.
DRAG0N DC: oooh, got ya…come on, you can’t name 5 really stunning albums?
DRAG0N DC: that absolutely knocked you first you heard them? I mean, I can’t name a top 5 album list without about 15 years of drafts
afro8asia: Nope. Because I’m way too lenient with music;
DRAG0N DC: but I can drop 5 greats easy
DRAG0N DC: thats not hard at all
DRAG0N DC: what you mean lenient? This ain’t a reformatory…no tough love here…its just music…what makes you feel good? What speaks to you?
DRAG0N DC: what changed your life?
afro8asia: Miwa Yoshida. Japanese. She fronts a pop group, but that voice– fabuloid. Ridiculous, even. She could sing scales and I would melt.
afro8asia: She actually released a jazz album– in Japanese. Go figure.
DRAG0N DC: whats the name of the album?
DRAG0N DC: I wanna listen to something…I don’t get exposed to everything thats out there…
afro8asia: Beauty and Harmony. It’s not particularly fabulous, but strangely intriguing if you’ve never heard someboy sing jazz in Japanese….

I need some need music leads, myself…
DRAG0N DC: you listen to any older stuff? I could point you in a few directs that way…if you aren’t already on them
afro8asia: Older stuff just… exists to me. I’ve never really listened consciously, you know?
DRAG0N DC: maybe you should…you’d be surprised at what you might experience…what kind of things do you like, though?
afro8asia: Everything. Quite literally.
DRAG0N DC: well, ever try pet sounds by the beach boys?
afro8asia: Here I go…
DRAG0N DC: or vanilla fudge? (can’t think of a specific album)
DRAG0N DC: vf does like a psychedelic cover of “You Keep Me Hangin On” with an absolutely vicious drum riff
afro8asia: Hmm…
DRAG0N DC: then um, lets see…pharoahe sanders…or ‘Trane, you gotta try
DRAG0N DC: um…
DRAG0N DC: I had a professor that used to put Bitches Brew by Miles like it was the last album after the nuclear winter…
DRAG0N DC: never been my thing, though…i lean towards blue miles…not the fusion stuff
DRAG0N DC: but to each her/his own
DRAG0N DC: sun ra…
afro8asia: lol– after the nuclear winter…
DRAG0N DC: one of my favorites: Sympathy for the Devil by the Stones
DRAG0N DC: um, Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting by Mingus is phenomenal
DRAG0N DC: also, Masta Ace’s Slaughterhouse
DRAG0N DC: Who Stole the Last Piece of Chicken by Organized Konfusion
afro8asia: I love your underlining and italicizing. For real.
DRAG0N DC: lol
afro8asia: I do!
DRAG0N DC: or should I say…
DRAG0N DC: lol
afro8asia: 😛
DRAG0N DC: yeah, its so redundant, I am gonna do it ALL THE TIME
DRAG0N DC: or not
DRAG0N DC: anything by Billy Ocean or Hall & Oates
DRAG0N DC: Cyndi Lauper
afro8asia: I LOVE HALL & OATES
DRAG0N DC: Phylis Hymann
afro8asia: 🙂
DRAG0N DC: Sara Smile is my fav
afro8asia: You can’t not love Hall and Oates… It’s not possible…
DRAG0N DC: Hall & Oates had one of the most incredible runs of soulfulness in the history of caucasions
DRAG0N DC: surpassing even Dave Brubeck
DRAG0N DC: only to be later surpassed themselves by Bill Clinton
afro8asia: For real, though!
DRAG0N DC: OK, and I really really love the Grateful Dead
DRAG0N DC: and Dylan
DRAG0N DC: and then, Dylan and the Dead’s Knockin on Heaven
DRAG0N DC: Heaven’s Door
DRAG0N DC: Gloria Estefan’s Mi Tierra
DRAG0N DC: Tito Puente
DRAG0N DC: Willie Colon’s Idilio
DRAG0N DC: cant forget the Gypsy Kings…they are supadupafly
DRAG0N DC: Nina Simone…
DRAG0N DC: i could go on for hours…
afro8asia: I know 🙂
DRAG0N DC: De La Soul’s whole second album
DRAG0N DC: ok, imma stop now
DRAG0N DC: wait, one more
DRAG0N DC: SOULS OF MISCHIEF – ’93 till Infinity
DRAG0N DC: absolutely descended on me from on high
DRAG0N DC: as did Black Sheep’
DRAG0N DC: mesa luvded da musiq
DRAG0N DC: really check out Sun Ra, though, I think you would feel him
afro8asia: Yeah. I do.
afro8asia: Conscious listening, coming up.
DRAG0N DC: forgive me…i exploded or something all over you im window
afro8asia: It’s all good!
DRAG0N DC: i think I am gonna take this whole convo and blog it up dere…
DRAG0N DC: it will looks nuts
DRAG0N DC: um, with your permission, of course
DRAG0N DC: :-[
afro8asia: It’s in the bio!
DRAG0N DC: SURE it is…I don’t see that
afro8asia: I hate you 🙂
DRAG0N DC: liar
DRAG0N DC: you love me
DRAG0N DC: you can’t wait to run your fingers through my chest hair
afro8asia: :-*
DRAG0N DC: oh my…the names… “Stop! My Ass is On Fire” and “Just Don’t Bite It”
DRAG0N DC: “Anus & Andy” and “Planet of the Gapes”
afro8asia: You have to love it…
DRAG0N DC: “Do the White Thing”
DRAG0N DC: I have missed my calling
DRAG0N DC: if only my johnson was bigger…
afro8asia: Hurry! There’s still time!
DRAG0N DC: “Oh, the places I’d go”
afro8asia: For real– Theo Geisel wasn’t playing! He was talking right to you…
DRAG0N DC: leave the good Doctor out of this tomfoolery, thank you very much
afro8asia: Anthony… porn awaits you… go forth… to California… to Vivid…
afro8asia: That’s what he was saying.
DRAG0N DC: will you join me? And be my bride in lust and lasciviousness? Lewd living for all concerned?
DRAG0N DC: oh, and occasional burning sensations
afro8asia: Of course!
DRAG0N DC: cool. deal done
DRAG0N DC: when we rollin?
afro8asia: Hmm…
afro8asia: Actually, it’s up to you. Lover.
DRAG0N DC: my high quality Ralph Lauren Polo(tm) socks are itching.
DRAG0N DC: um, lets go tomorrow
DRAG0N DC: i will pick you up in Jerz…
DRAG0N DC: actually, you really ain’t that far away, huh?
afro8asia: Tomorrow? But I have to wash my hair.
afro8asia: 🙂
DRAG0N DC: ok, jeez, fine
DRAG0N DC: you should give me a call sometime, or vice versa…
afro8asia: Oh– no doubt…
DRAG0N DC: (i think i hate it when people say “visuh versuh”)
afro8asia: ###.###.####

(Me, too! Shit, that’s the worst…)
DRAG0N DC: i want to smack them
DRAG0N DC: ‘whens a good time to call? I am not tryin to wake folks up
DRAG0N DC: “Damn fly guy im in love with you, that casanova legend musta been true”…why don’t girls say this to me more often?
afro8asia: At least they’re saying it at all… I’m jealous.

(It’s my cell phone.)
DRAG0N DC: naw, they dont say it at all…
DRAG0N DC: now, um, watch for the hook

imagine, it goes on from there…really, i can’t make this stuff up, this is a real conversation. I swear. Indulge while you can people, this doesn’t come along everyday.

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