ok, why is my cousin the host of the “Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska” show? This is crazy…

and why are people clowning his name? here is one clipping:

Some of the aspects of “Alaska” to most look forward to:

The host. Ex-“Extra” weekend anchor Steve Santagati. Say it with me now. Santagati. This show gets weirder by the moment. evergreen

evergreen ain’t nothin but a damn hater…

Thats ok, though, Steve just keeps doing his thing. First American Journal, then Extra, then The Other Half, now this…he lives on the edge, man, on the edge…do tha damn thang, Stevie…

this is Steve in his battle with Jeff Probst (whoever that is…) for sexiest little known TV guy…

and here is my cuz’s bio from tha show’s site:

STEVE SANTAGATI has hosted series and specials such as cable’s “Secret’s of Travel Survival,” “World Gone Wild” and “Laughlin Superstar Challenge” with Carmen Electra and Ali Landery. In addition, he was the weekend anchor for the entertainment series “Extra.”

Santagati currently works as a model for GAP and Georgio Armani.

Santagati’s can’t be stopped…don’t forget that…holla back but don’t scream

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  1. Hi,

    This will undoubtedly be the most audacious initiative I have ever taken. I saw Steve on the show “Life and Style” the other day when he was giving advice to women. I know his views weren’t always popular, but I believed that they were in fact helpful, direct and humorous. Ironically, I saw him the day after I bought and read a book entitled “He’s just not that into you”, which is written in the same manner by a comic and a writer from “Sex and the City”. Even though no woman wants to think a guy she likes is “Just not into her”, I found it to be empowering. It gave me enough insight into men that I can “read” their signals, keep my dignity, and move on before getting emotionally involved.

    I am 37, and a Senior in the Mass Communication program at the University of North Carolina-Asheville. What I am getting at here is that I think Steve should write a book about what men prefer in a woman, such as when he stated on the program that on the first date, it should be more of a “hanging out” thing, and that you shouldn’t overdress, but keep it casual. I think, even though I have consistently made this mistake in the past, I absolutely get where he is coming from, and any woman who is not living (or is tired of living) in a dream world would agree. But we need some real world, hard-hitting advice and not more of this sappy crap that we keep getting. The trick is, one: getting a guy to tell you this stuff and two: finding a guy who will tell you who doesn’t have his own agenda with you.

    I think Steve could do this in a way that is humorous and put in the best interest of the ladies. I am not a famous writer, but I am very talented, psyched about this idea and would love to work on a project like this. I believe he would do an awesome job and a book like this would rock the best-sellers list.

    Andrea Breedlove
    Asheville, NC

  2. I saw this guy, your cousin, years ago in a bar in philly. i’m gonna say it was like late 80s early 90s. i recognized him as a famous model right away–because he was on the cover of an american express merchandise catalog modeling the lambskin jacket that i was lusting after. i really wanted to go up to him and say… what? what do you say to a model you’ve seen–hey! i saw you on my catalog. damn glad to meet ya! but anyway, a bunch of hangers-on were pawing him and telling him how good lookin he was. as if he’d never heard THAT before!.

    anyway, i think al roker on the today show had the funniest gag on steve’s last name. he said “santagati? santa gotti? i was expecting to see a mobster in a red suit comin down my chimney.”

    anyway, if steve gets to philly again or if i get to nyc, i’d still like the chance to meet him and say, HEY! you’re the dude who modeled that lambskin jacket i wanted like 20 years ago! you’re holdin up really well!

  3. I wonder??? Is it the gap modeling or maybe the sheepskin jacket, that makes this, SELF PROCLAIMED,” bad boy!” so bad. Maybe you should put down the Men’s Journal and pick up a tattoo magazine or a car and driver. In the world of bad boys I’ll put old steve right up there with the guys from Queer eye for the straight guy. Many thanks to him for making all real men feel better about themselves.

  4. i think Steve is the biggest nitwit ever existed. sorry cuz. i saw him as a model during all my teenage years and for sure he was pinned on my wall at some point. but his style.. he’s just a beer-swizling idiot… sorry, go to journalism school. if you’re trying to be like a JFK jr, you’re failing miserably. JFK jr was hot and sexy, classy and elegant… c’mon dude. can you just put some intellectualism to back your comments – you and tyra deserve each other!

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