yellin’ crickets and crows

there is rawness and an infantile quality to love among we children of africa in america. as if it’s a love not yet matured. as if we are unable to express our affection for one another with the purity required to reach, within our feelings for one another, the absolution true love brings. as if our puppy love is a lifelong endeavor. we use and are used. we fuck and are fucked. but so rarely do we give, freely and without recompense. rarely do we transcend the corporeal. always on the lookout for the better deal, we are consumed by our realities, and so cannot indulge fully our spirituality. true love is completely spiritual, total testament to the altar of what we can be when removed from material existence. has whitey so ripped from us our potential?

we have lost our spirituality. we have had stolen from us our inner children and our outer adults. we love and worship selfishly and without faith. tell me I am wrong. I pray that I am wrong. and yet…

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  1. “we love and worship selfishly and without faith.”

    negroamosynthesis: I’m not saying that we haven’t advertized this love without attachment, a love of the external rather than the internal. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and despite it all (selfishnessandbabymamadrama), it turns toward wholeness, truth and the real. Like photosynthesis. We want to think that some things are disposable, but I contend that some things aren’t meant to last, and until the heart has completely turned toward that which fills it, we will go on searching.

    If we think that this is a racial failing, we are missing the point. Failure to love is human failing, no matter what our particular manifestation may be. We’re just a hell of a lot more honest and call things by name. For the record, black folks love ‘through’ and ‘despite of’, and white folks seem to love ‘until’.

    Knocked down seven, get up eight. We’ve come too far to stay here.


  2. YOUR WRONG. Right that there is a half @$$’s quality to love/truth that we as african americans exude and participate in. But what is wrong is that’s a mass consciousness or stereotype if you will that we have allowed ourselves to fall victim to. But not all of us meander through life or love so haphazardly. I know I don’t….do you? The comunal despotism that fuels this coutry and feeds our individualism is what undermines the beauty of the individual. Trade in for what is topical. We are all guilty of that at one point or another but do you really think we all have become so tainted? Can love truely be tainted…if so thats not love!


  3. Lost in assumption, miscommunication – lost in indebt qualities. I found myself, and learned to love. It is a spiritual process. We must recoil ourselves within ourselves before we are able to be open fully – and be openly selfless. It far expands the order of human restraint or an overlord of power for those of the African Diaspora. This process I call love is what it is – a total fix, a group of steps – that delivers you to your destiny. I’ve gazed past those material – external pastures, only to find that the land there was dry and barren. It was lifeless, yes… you may call it puppy love. But, beyond expectation – and beyond cerebral response; I stumbled upon love like it was a crumbled piece a paper. Sometimes it only takes a little unfolding, and shaking off – and maybe, just maybe, the truth behind love will be found in the folds.

  4. i think exactly that whenever i hear alicia keyes’ “a woman’s worth”. what kind of social situation makes that music valuable? an f’d up one, i say.

    like your flavor here, bro.

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