After all is said and done…you know who you are. And while I don’t totally blame you for the horrible fate that befell the time we spent, I must say that you by far were the main catalyst. I wish you had never come back. That you had just stayed the hell out of my life forever and ever. I am so angry with you, and still hurt, but I can’t allow myself to call you again. That time has past. And I know you aren’t reading this, I know you couldn’t read this, because that would open you up to feelings you won’t allow yourself to have. What did I do but care too deeply about you? Nothing. Just an unwitting sap in the emotional hyper-drama you call a life, a drama that exists mainly because you won’t face up to that life. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And every act has a consequence. I am not writing this for you to read, like I said, you won’t read this. You can’t read this. Coward. But I need to get it off my chest. I need to get you out of my system. I can’t help but think I was owed SOMETHING, but I don’t know what. A call back. Maybe the truth. I risked something when it came to you too. C’est la vie. But should you every get tired of running, if you ever wanna tie up this loose end, I am here.

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