Each Key

each key on this board, white expanse, crying out to my depression, too many hearts have fallen in my wake, now mine too likewise crushed by love’s loss. how many times have the doors closed behind me, how many warm wet dreams bled into my shirt as I let her cry? as she let it out? the wilderness calls me. the little things I have clung to slowly are falling away, and i am left with less and less to stand on. what remains to me? soft skin? lips on mine? stolen moments from sad songs and the empty nights replacing the freely given heart of her? the notes and the voice of pain cling to my ear, my neck is ravaged by the day’s endeavors, my back bent by its burden, my heart torn. maybe the evening has got my in its grasp and the late hour has broken my will. maybe the anguish I have locked away has escaped to scamper out into the cold December air. the night whispers for me to join.

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