Fuckin’ Bears

I am convinced the Champaign-Urbana Bears (formerly of Chicago, nee the Decatur Staleys) are stinking up the field this season simply to spite ME. I realize this is a very egocentric view of things, and in the eyes of most people, this would be extremely hard to believe, because its hard for them to see how a football team (of 45 people, plus the seven+ person coaching staff, and the front office of untold numbers, scouts, etc.) would go out of its way to fail simply to aggravate one individual, especially a student in Washington DC who does not live in Champaign-Urbana, or Chicago, or Gary Indiana, or any of the surrounding areas, plus has little or no clout, power, money, or influence. I also don’t care what most people think. Most people are lemmings. These guys are doing it just to bug me. Which they are doing. Royally. Bastards.

27-9, Dolphins over Bears. Game Over.

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