Sumter Sister

I can’t stop thinking about her…every little thing is on my mind, and I don’t know what to do about it…I know its cathartic to write about it, but I fear the consequences of these keystrokes…what if she reads these words and figures, correctly, how turned upside down I am about her, and it turns her off? what if I scare her away? but I think I want to know that my caring about someone deeply won’t scare them away, if it does, I don’t want that person. and so. I just think about her. her eyes, her laugh, her smile, her chin, her eyebrows (waxed and otherwise), her clothes, her hair (the rastafari look too), sleeping on her floor, talking about whatever, krispy kremes…I put her out of my sight for the summer, and out of my mind for as long as I could, but she burst forth fullborn from my heart despite my efforts. and now I can’t get her out of my thoughts…too many songs call the tune of her private melody…the lady chitterling…*smile*

carolina silvermoons pale yellow
pool in dark eyes
summer sun’s strokes replace my fingers in her hair
southern warmth not of my heart her hearth
friends to put her mind at ease
to share her days with
in place of my voice and solid words
the dark woods surround her
and not my weakling arms
that could not hold tight enough to keep her near.

I shared a moment with her far too long ago. hope everything is blessed for her.

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