just another poem

amidst tiny tiles and yellow lamps she sat with me weekends weighed her down and her sadness the sickness infected me smiles forced through swollen lymph nodes in betwixt chamomile sips our hearts brushed lightly against the other’s and while waiting quietly we quenched our thirst for the company of another who digs like we […]

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Garden Parkways

Her lids hung low on her eyes as her head vibrated gently on the windowsill of the bus gray steel bringing us home from other lives she shared with me grafting me onto her past family, friends, lost acquaintances reintroduced to her through me old moments and broken friendships I dovetail into now giving them […]

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We Don’t Need Matching Pajamas

She snored. I watched her take the night in slowly and let it out in a grunt, curled up tight against the outside. Her stomach empty this evening, unfulfilled by the books and words and learning she hungered for. She craved thought more than air, and in the company of most men, she damn near […]

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Bank of America is the worst damn corporate entity in the free world. Yes, worse than Verizon. More evil than Disney. Also, slightly not as good as the Tic Tock liquor store in Hyattsville. SHARPIES™ Sharpies™ are my favorite markers Brown and blue and red and darker They really are the best of pens Thick […]

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