Three Poems

In the blue darkness she kisses me
her hair is everywhere like arms
embracing me as she kisses me again
like dew on my skin in the cold morning air
she kisses me and her lips have the scent
of newness of spring on the wind

ice between each word of
affection and space and
hurt inside the love rejection
divides her heart and she
hides her pain in kisses
shirt stained with tears
for the one she misses who
only is just now learning to
miss her too.

love both strengthens and
weakens us.
stronger now I stand
when faced with challenge
No longer alone do I face it
But less of steel than
of down am I, less
protected by my
armors. A well placed
word can bring me down
as quick as any king.
When before none could reach.
Yet stronger I feel, emboldened
to gaze upon the sun full
face, and openly
embrace my love.

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