Halfway to Iron Man: The Myo Motion Control Armband

It’s as easy to put on as a traditional armband, but is packed full of technology that lets it track both your hand movements and arm motions, then lets you use those gestures to control virtually anything on your desktop, laptop or smartphone. It’s a lot like Iron Man Tony Stark’s gesture-controlled holo-computer, but without the super-cool imagery.

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Hearst Digital’s New Publishing Platform Aims to Be an Advertiser’s Dream

“The sites will run on a new publishing platform that Hearst has spent the last year developing, which prioritizes a few things. One is the growing contingent of people reading on mobile: Stories will be positioned in an infinite scroll to better suit phone screens. Another is advertiser satisfaction.”

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How Estée Lauder Creates Effective Photos for FB, Pinterest, Twitter, IG

“To create images it posts regularly—it puts up at least one new image per platform each weekday and one across all platforms on weekends—Estée Lauder stages elaborate photo shoots quarterly. Photos appearing now were shot at a rented Hollywood Hills ranch house. More than 500 products were at the ready, along with a photographer, a prop stylist, two hand models and a manicurist.”

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