• 2016 HUAA Election Results

    HUAA Executive Board

    President-Elect: Nadia Pinto
    VP-Elect for Administration: Anthony C. Santagati III
    VP-Elect for Finance: Amanda Johnson
    VP-Elect for Membership: Shana L. Ervin
    Recording Secretary-Elect: Bukola Ekundayo

    HUAA Regional Chairs

    Region I Chair-Elect: Kristen Clark
    Region II Chair-Elect: Erin Horne McKinney
    Region III Chair-Elect: Kandace Harris
    Region IV Chair-Elect: Tamara Howard
    Region V Chair-Elect: Elgin Wells
    Region VI Chair-Elect: Beverly Reynolds

    HUAA Regional Representatives

    Region I Representatives:
    Velva Dawson
    Shellece Earles
    Evelyne Cooke

    Region II Representatives:
    Jeffrey Fleming
    Chauncey Manson, III
    Tyrone Wilson

    Region III Representatives:
    Kimberly Esmond Adams
    Martavius Jones
    Tie: Randall Williams and Sharon Drake

    Region IV Representatives:
    Kiva Gates
    Tiffany Watkins
    Larry Dunlap

    Region V Representatives:
    Cheryl Benson
    Lalla Morris
    Alexis Ferrouillet

    Region VI Representatives:
    Cheryce Cryer
    Rhonda Nolen
    Dawn Sims

  • Meet Anthony

    A native of the South Carolina Sea Islands and the eldest of three children, Anthony C. Santagati III is a 1999 graduate of the College of Fine Arts and a 2005 graduate of Howard’s School of Law.

    As a devoted member of the HUAA, Anthony helped reestablish the Howard University School of Law Alumni Club of NY (NYHUSL) in 2008 as Vice President. He became President in 2010 and was invited that year to the Howard University Alumni Association Executive Committee, where he currently serves as Member-At-Large. Anthony also serves as Region I Membership Director, focusing on constituent units in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Europe, and Africa.

    While still a student at Howard, Anthony served as Meridian Hill Hall Dorm Judge, President of the College of Fine Arts Student Council, Chair of the General Assembly Elections Committee, and student building manager for the Blackburn Center. He was also a member of Howard’s Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) Academic Team under head coach Roberta McLeod. On that team Anthony competed in the National Championship his freshman year, and he served as Captain of the team his last 3 years in undergrad, including being named an All-Star as one of the top 8 scorers in the nation his senior year. At Howard Law, he was a recipient of the Fats Waller Scholarship and was elected 1L Class Vice-President and Treasurer of the Student Bar Association. Anthony also was a member of numerous clubs & organizations including Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, HUSL Sports and Entertainment Law Students Association, and the Intellectual Property Students Association.

    Anthony’s passion and love for the Mecca guides his efforts to apply the lessons he’s learned from nearly 20 years of experience in e-Commerce, market targeting, market research, creative direction, and digital strategy to the administration of HUAA. With an emphasis on high-end fashion and retail brands Anthony has demonstrated a distinct ability to predict and implement new technological trends and a keen understanding of consumer-focused strategies. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

    “Everything I know about myself, everything I know about the world, has been informed, in some way large or small, by my time at Howard University. It was there at the Mecca that I grew up. It was on the Yard that I found my voice. It was in its classrooms and hallways that I found a strength in myself I had never known. And to Howard…I owe it all.”

    Vote now until May 31st
  • Platform

    1. Planning for Growth

      As we move into the next 150 years for Howard University, we must engage in strategic planning for the HUAA both in connection to the University and independent of it. This should include the eventual addition of a cabinet-level fundraiser whose sole mission would be to focus on development and raising scholarship funds through HUAA in conjunction with Howard’s development arm. In addition this strategy must account for future organizational growth. As such this market targeting would include potential cities and colleges around which new clubs would make sense. These targets would be presented to the executive committee for action by the Region chairs where appropriate.

    2. Openness & Transparency

      Do you know who your local officers are? What about your club’s by-laws? Would you like to see a summary of the latest budget for your club or for the HUAA? As your VP of Administration I would advocate for and help facilitate the online publication of HUAA documents in such a manner that they would be A) easily accessible in an obvious place on our websites; B) in simply digestible formats that are consistent over time; and C) viewable online and downloadable in PDF and any other formats that may become necessary. There is no reason that in this day and age an archive of HUAA officer reports, minutes, budgets, and the like could not be made available for review by our membership.

    3. Accountability

      As your representatives, HUAA officers have a duty both to you and to the larger organization to adhere to certain standards and practices. To date there are not clear guidelines as to what should happen when our leaders either fail to fulfill their duties and/or willfully violate these expectations. I support the addition of clear guidelines within HUAA’s By-Laws to specifically address those situations. These rules should be short, clear, and few in number, and should not be unnecessarily punitive in nature except in the most extreme circumstances.

    4. More Efficient Administration

      Currently the HUAA spends an exorbitant amount on administrative activities; nearly $20,000 budgeted in 2014 alone for printing, brochures, and membership cards. Since 2010 I’ve been advocating for digital solutions to these expenditures – including online voting and real membership software that supports HUAA’s efforts to build community and strengthen our financial situation. If elected I plan to continue my ongoing efforts in such a way as to make this dedication to efficient management a structural part of the HUAA, rather than an ad hoc concern as it has been by default. These digital initiatives should work hand-in-hand with the printed materials that remain to make both formats more effective modes of communication for all of our members.

    5. Smart Support for Our Clubs

      HUAA’s Constituent Units are the backbone of our organization. We must do a better job of supporting their efforts to connect with each other and with their surrounding communities and fellow clubs. I propose we create a new full package for new Constituent Units, including branding guidelines, a customizable website, email templates & guides, clear and concise policies for naming conventions, event ideas, and other tools gleaned from the collective wisdom of our Region Chairs. This toolkit would be supplemented by regular email blasts to our CU presidents with new administrative tools and ideas on a quarterly basis. There is no one size fits all solution for our clubs, so we must provide them with useful tools and clear guidelines to get things done, then get out of their way. In this way we allow them the flexibility to better serve their communities, and thereby the entire membership at large.

    Vote now until May 31st
  • Supporters

    • Aba E AcquaahJD ’11NYHUSL President
    • Safiya AddisonBA ’02
    • Nabila AliBBA ’02
    • Aneska Arrocha NicholsonBB,BA ’97
    • Ambre AndersonBFA ’99
    • Marielle BoboBS’00
    • Stefanie Brown JamesBBM ’04
    • William M. Brown IIIHUAC New Jersey President
    • Nicki ClaggettBS ’97
    • Kristen M. ClarkBA ’91HUAA Region I Chair
    • Amelia CobbBS ’99
    • Calcie CooperBBA ’96
    • Frenchie DavisBFA ’14
    • Shellece-Jeannette EarlesLiberal Arts ’92
    • Shana L. ErvinBBA ’03HUAC GWDC President
    • Sharon S. GilmoreJD ’03
    • Daria C. Grayer MA, JDMA ’06
    • Nereida B. GonzalezBS ’96
    • Haki Halisi
    • Camille HarveyBA ’02
    • Michelle W. HellsternClass of ’98HUAC of Central Florida President
    • Shauntay HintonMiss USA 2002
    • Tony HutchinsBBA ’80HUAC Columbus, Ohio President
    • Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr.BA ’99Former HUSA President
      Former Undergraduate Trustee
    • Dr. Kandace L. HarrisBA ’97, MA ’01, PhD ’05HUAA Region III Chair
    • Aaron JacksonBBA ’84
    • Beverly JacksonBS ’85
    • Tiffany JacksonBA ’04
    • Dr. Nesha Jenkins-TateBA ’79, PhD ’00
    • Samaiyah JohnsonBS ’99
    • Stephanie A. JohnsonJD ’97HUAC Greater Hartford Treasurer
    • Alia Hashim KemetBA ’98
    • Robin KonradJD ’03
    • Charlie LewisBBA ’89HUAC GNYC President
    • Khari J. LittleBBA ’00
    • Ayanna MackinsBFA ’02
    • Elizabeth MatoryJD ’06
    • Adia May, Esq.BBA ’97
    • Melody MillerBA ’92HUAC South Florida President
    • Tony NormanJD ’84
    • Julia Pace MitchellBFA ’00
    • Nadia PintoBBA ’08HUAC Houston President
    • Angelina SpicerBFA ’03
    • Elgin WellsBA ’93HUAA Region V Chair
    • Lance WilliamsHUAA Technology
      Committee Chair
    • Inga S. WillisClass of ’97
    • Brendez WineglassBS ’09
    • Aja Burrell WoodBBA ’01
    • Allie WrightJD ’05HUSLAC of DC
      Recording Secretary
    Vote now until May 31st
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