Anthony Santagati for HUAA VP of Membership

Anthony Santagati
Howard University Alumni Association
VP of Membership
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Why he's right for HUAA

Anthony Santagati is a 1999 graduate of the College of Fine Arts and a 2005 graduate of the School of Law. As a luxury digital strategist and creative, he’s demonstrated an ability to predict and implement new technological trends. With a particular emphasis on high-end fashion & retail brands and nearly 15 years of involvement in e-commerce solutions Anthony has developed a keen understanding of consumer-focused strategies and is working to incorporate emerging technologies and ideas into traditional fashion markets.

As Vice-President Anthony will implement a 3 Point Plan focused on People, Technology, and Retention: more well-informed outreach to alumni of all stripes; better use of technology to reduce waste, increase transparency, and connect with alumni we’re missing; and greater efforts at retaining the members we currently have by rewarding loyalty, improving membership benefits, and streamlining the renewal processes.

A native of the South Carolina Sea Islands, Anthony currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

2008-2010 Vice-President, HUSL Alumni Club of NY
2010-2012 President, HUSL Alumni Club of NY
2010-2014 HUAA Executive Committee Member
2012-2014 HUAA Executive Committee Member-at-Large
2012 HUAA Elections Committee
2013 HUAA Policy Committee
2014 Bison on the Vineyard Marketing Chair

3 Point Plan

  1. People

    • #HUAA4ME campaign highlighting notable members talking about their connection to the HUAA
    • Demographic review of current and potential members, with a goal of reaching out to underrepresented alumni groups
    • Identifying core constituencies and members and maintaining personal communications
  2. Technology

    • HUAA.ME: Dynamic new website for all membership benefit information both nationally and locally
    • Using modern customer relationship software to better manage current memberships
    • Improving social media strategies for constituent units to market new memberships
  3. Retention

    • Streamlining the signup and renewal processes for both the national organization and our constituent units
    • Creating increasingly deeper levels of benefits based on number of years of membership
    • Offer discounted memberships to current members who bring in 3 or more new members


  • Michele Akinsanya
    (BBA '09)
    Business Process Development Specialist, Accenture
  • Danielle Andrews
    (BA '06)
    Account Executive, Platform Sales & Publisher Development, Xaxis
  • Audrey Batts Watson
    (BA '92)
    She Can Make It Happen Consulting
  • Marielle Bobo
    (BS '00)
    Fashion & Beauty Director,
    EBONY Magazine
  • Cara A. Brown
    (BA '08)
    Design Strategist
  • Julienne Brown
    Ernst & Young
  • Dedan K. Bruner, Esq.
    (BA '99, JD '07)
    EEO Specialist, USDA
  • Tai A. Dixon, Esq.
    (JD '07)
    Managing Director of National Talent Acquisition, Teach For America
  • Kai Doggett
    (JD '05)
  • Keri Foster
    (JD '06)
    Assoc. Dir. of Academics & Adj. Professor, Syracuse Law
  • Chana Garcia
    (BA '98)
  • Nereida B. Gonzalez, Esq.
    (BA '96)
    Chief Executive Officer,
    Eighteen & Voting
  • Ericka N. Goodman-Hughey
    (BA '02)
    Fashion Editor, EBONY Magazine
  • Shauntay Hinton
    Miss USA 2002
  • Kristy Hunt
    (BFA '02)
  • Mécole Ingram
    (BS '98)
  • Tiffany D. Jackson
    (BA '04)
  • Akil Kamau
    (BA '91)
    Incumbent VP of Administration, HUAA
  • T. Katuri Kaye
    (JD '05)
    Senior Attorney
    Trucker Huss, APC
  • Richard Lecky, Esq.
    ('01, JD '07)
    President Emeritus & Founder, NYHUSL
  • Khari J. Little
    (BBA '00)
  • Carmia Marshall
    (BA '98)
    Set costumer/Stylist
  • Jewell D. Martin
    (BA '00, MBA '06)
    Regulatory Health Project Manager, Food & Drug Administration
  • Elizabeth Matory
    (JD '06)
    MD State Delegate (D18) Candidate
  • Mitzie A. Moore, Esq.
    (JD '10)
  • Ayana N. Partee, Esq.
    (JD/MBA '05)
    Alkebulan Law
  • Maisha K. Perkins
    (BFA '00)
    International Educator, Writer
  • Willie Phillips
    (JD '05)
    Assistant General Counsel, North American Electric Reliability Corp.
  • Kaiesha Scarbrough, Esq.
    (BA '97)
    Foreclosure defense & bankruptcy attorney
  • Angelina Spicer
    (BFA '03)
  • Reiko Suber
    (JD '03)
    Administrative Law Judge
  • Aprill O. Turner
    (BA '01)
    Communications and Media Relations Director, Campaign for Youth Justice
  • Melissa M. Valle
    (BA Econ, BA AA Studies '01)
    Columbia U. Dept. of Sociology PhD Candidate
  • Chris Washington
    (BA '92)
    Incumbent President, HUAA
  • Dakira Williams (Richardson)
    (BBA '02)
    Sr. Subcontracts Administrator


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